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About Philippi-Hagenbuch Inc

Every product that Philippi-Hagenbuch has introduced to the aggregates and construction industries since our founding in 1969, is about simply doing more with your haul trucks. Our innovations include the original Autogate Tailgate, Rear Eject Bodies & Trailers, custom Truck Bodies, and Water Tanks. Additional products we offer include: Load Ejectors, Lowboy Trailers, Material Spreading Bodies, Stemming Bodies and other truck attachments for most makes and models of off-highway trucks. New advancements in earthen material cutting and planing technology has advanced our Rolling Wedge cutters in the construction industry allowing for the planing of hard surfaces such as concrete and asphalt with our patent pending unique planer attachment.
Product Categories (15)
  • Asphalt Production & Paving > Attachment, Cold Planer/Milling
  • Asphalt Production & Paving > Cutters
  • Concrete Construction & Manufacturing > Cutters
  • Earthmoving Equipment & Material Handling > Haulers
  • Hauling Equipment > Trailers, Bottom Dump
  • Hauling Equipment > Trailers, End Dump
  • Hauling Equipment > Trailers, Low Bed
  • Hauling Equipment > Trailers, Side Dump
  • Lifting (Aerial & Cranes) > Aerial Work Platforms, Truck Mounted
  • Trucking > Bedliners
  • Trucking > Bodies, Bottom Dump
  • Trucking > Bodies, Bulk Material
  • Trucking > Bodies, End Dump
  • Trucking > Bodies, Tank
  • Trucking > Tailgates
New Products (1)
PHIL Material Spreader Body, Philippi-Hagenbuch Inc

PHIL Material Spreader Body

Category: Trucking > Bodies, Bulk Material

An industry first - PHIL has combined their versatile rear eject body with a material spreader attachment designed to add sand or gravel to icy and slippery haul roads in the winter, or road base to build up and maintain good quality of haul roads during the rest of the year. Designed to discharge material up to 2" in size up to 50' from the haul truck. In-cab driver controls provide fine-tuning of material flow while operating the truck.