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About Sensera Systems

Sensera Systems ( designs, manufactures, and markets a line of solar/wireless construction site cameras. The award-winning and patent-pending MultiSense cameras are extremely simple to use, and cost less than half of alternatives and can be deployed in 20 minutes to provide time-lapse, streaming video, recording, and more. Sensera Systems serves customers in Construction, Industrial Automation, Environmental Monitoring and Site Security & Surveillance. The MultiSense platform includes integration of low-power wireless sensors to provide a unique multi-function remote sensing and monitoring solution and bringing vision to the Internet of Things.
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New Products (2)
MC-68 Solar/Wireless Construction Site Camera, Sensera Systems

MC-68 Solar/Wireless Construction Site Camera (Green Product)

The MC-68 Series is a solar powered wireless cloud camera system that can be deployed in minutes to provide remote surveillance, video streaming, and timelapse imaging over cellular or WiFi. The MC-68 Series is a complete system solution including a rugged, all-weather enclosure, batteries, and solar panel. The MC-68 Series, along with the MultiSense Cloud Service, enables you to start monitoring your site within minutes, with no programming required.

SiteWatch PRO Series - Solar/Wireless Site Security System, Sensera Systems

SiteWatch PRO Series - Solar/Wireless Site Security System (Green Product)

Category: Safety & Traffic > Safety Devices & Systems, Camera Systems

The SiteWatchm system is a fully integrated, turn-key site security and surveillance solution. The camera system can be deployed in minutes with no power or internet connection required. The MultiSense WebApp+Cloud Service provides fully hosted, web-based remote surveillance, event detection and real-time alerting from any PC, phone, or tablet, no video management software is (VMS) required. Long-range motion detection, illumination for night vision, and on-board DVR recording.