Process Heating Company

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Central Hall C3-C5 - C33235

PO Box 84585
Seattle, WA 98124-5885

P: 1-800-682-1582
F: 206-682-1582

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About Process Heating Company

Process Heating Company (PHCo) has more than 65 years of experience in manufacturing 100%-efficient low-watt density electric heating systems. Lo-Density Unitized Storage Tank Heaters, Fuel-Oil Preheaters, Hot-Oil Heaters and Rigid Tubular Drywell Tank Heaters provide unique electric heat benefits for asphalt plants and distributor trucks. These include lower operating costs, improved product quality, improved safety, reduced maintenance, significantly longer heater life and enhanced sustainability. PHCo's unique drywell-style heaters dissipate controlled heat as low as 3 watts per sq. in. on the heater's sheath to prevent damage to temperature-sensitive asphalt, oil and emulsion materials, eliminating the need to drain and clean the tank.
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