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About ForgeFX Training Simulations

ForgeFX is a VR-based simulation development company.Simulators are ideal tools for training heavy equipment operators to operate sophisticatedmachinery.They are cost-effective, safe, and efficient methods for training all concepts and skillsfrom controls familiarization to procedure compliance. Simulation trainingmaximizes productivity in the real worldand increases a company'sbottom linevia greaterworkforce efficiency. We work with you to build interactive 3D simulations that give your trainees the ability to learn effectively while reducing your training costs and increasing employee efficiency and productivity increasing your bottom line.
Product Categories (11)
  • Earthmoving Equipment & Material Handling > Loaders
  • Earthmoving Equipment & Material Handling > Tractors
  • Hauling Equipment > Tankers, Gas/Oil/Water
  • Hauling Equipment > Truck Loading Devices
  • Information Technology & Business Solutions > Insurance
  • Lifting (Aerial & Cranes) > Cranes, All Terrain
  • Lifting (Aerial & Cranes) > Cranes, Hydraulic Boom
  • Trucking > Trucks, Dump
  • Trucking > Trucks, Heavy-Duty (Over 26,000 GVM)
  • Trucking > Trucks, Utility
  • Underground Construction > Drills, Blasthole